We offer an affordable housing program for our recruits.

Umuzi's housing units are located near the Umuzi offices (location) and consist of three-bedroom apartments with a shared common area, bathroom, and kitchen. Recruits share a two-person bedroom in a three-bedroom apartment, totaling six tenants per unit.  Umuzi housing units include essentials such as a bed, mattress, and kitchenware, and weekly cleaning of common spaces.

Umuzi’s culture values inclusion, teamwork, collaboration, and appreciation. Umuzi asserts that every tenant has the right to a clean and safe living environment; so we ask that tenants work together to organize responsibilities toward a satisfying living environment. Umuzi has a housing manager on staff and each apartment identifies one occupant as their Housing Representative.    

What Umuzi Housing Offers:

  • Kick-starter pre-paid electricity (1st month only)
    - Power over and above that allotment must be paid for by the tenants

  • Water (hot and cold included)

  • Weekly cleaning of common spaces:
    - Common counter surfaces in the kitchen
    - Disinfect the bathroom’s surfaces
    - Clean bedroom floors (only if the bedroom door is open)

  • Bed and Mattress

  • Refrigerator and Stove

  • Plates/forks/knives/cups/spoons/bowls (dishware)

  • Cooking Utensils (pots/pans)

  • Trash Cans

  • Mops & Brooms

What Umuzi Housing doesn’t offer:

  • Top-up of pre-paid electricity

  • Garbage removal from unit

  • Washing of dishes

  • Trash bags/cleaners/soap/sponges

  • Supply of groceries(bulk-sharing is encouraged)

Tenant individual responsibilities:

  • Support everyone's right to a clean and safe living environment

  • Agree to do take out the trash and wash dishes

  • Keep power topped-up at all times

Our Partner

To offer this housing program, we've partnered with Bjala, an exciting social enterprise on a mission to deliver low-cost innovative urban environments in the city. Learn more