We give practical, job-focussed training in the skills your workforce needs to compete in tomorrow's economy. We train coders, designers, strategists, copywriters, and multimedia storytellers to work together in teams, solving real problems. Bring transformation to your business with Umuzi recruits, ready to produce on Day 1. Contact us, let's talk.


The South African tech and creative industries have to transform. Many companies are scrambling to meet increasing BBBEE requirements. Too often, Skills Development and Enterprise Development budgets get wasted on meeting these minimum targets, rather than contributing to true transformation and developing diverse, world-class talent.

Umuzi is a unique organisation that is partnering with leading employers in order to use BBBEE Skills and Enterprise Development budgets to build a talent pipeline for scarce skills. We've built successful partnerships with Investec, FCBNative VMLKing JamesFoxP2, and many more industry leaders. 


Companies partner with Umuzi to build a talent pipeline of high-potential young people through our MICT SETA accredited learnership programme. We also produce content through our alumni-driven production company.

  • We are demand driven: we work with leading companies to understand their specific skills shortages, and match these to talent with our learnership programme.
  • We produce highly-skilled, employable graduates: 80% of our graduates get jobs at top employers.
  • We train relevant, scarce skills: we produce junior employees with these skills...
    • Coding: full-stack developers versed in JS and Node.JS
    • Creative: conceptual user interface designers and copywriters
    • Multimedia Storytelling: content producers specialising in either videography or motion graphics
    • Strategy: business analysts and future product owners with a focus in digital strategy and user experience design
    • Data: watch this space; we're currently piloting...
  • We are a BBBEE level-1 content producer: we partner with leading agencies, on live briefs, to deliver professional content services with our alumni
  • We help companies to manage their BBBEE Skills and Enterprise Development spend: we have an excellent working relationship with MICT SETA, and offer our partners support to administrate learnerships and their BBBEE spend.

In the mean time, here are some key documents about Umuzi and our learnership programme (follow these links to PDFs to learn more): 

  1.  About Umuzi
  2.  About our learnership
  3.  What you need to know about the MAC Charter Skills Development
  4.  What you need to know about SARS learnership tax rebate


PArtner with Umuzi to transform your talent pipeline

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