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Cherrie Bomb: The Affect Of The Male On The Female

  • 70 Juta Street(shop 5&7) Johannesburg, GP, 2000 South Africa (map)

Cherrie Bomb: The Affect Of The Male On The Female

CHERRIE BOMB – the affect of the male on the female is Umuzi’s Johannesburg edition after a very successful display in Cape Town. The event will take place in Braamfontein, Johannesburg on July 5, 2018 from 6pm.

Cherrie Bomb explores the subject of Patriarchy, not as a trending or seasonal issue, but as a plight that women and girls have to face every day. The exhibition will serve as a platform that shares real life stories of cruelty, abuse, manipulation and betrayal all in the name of patriarchy.

Typically, in a man’s world, the female is like a type of currency; a chameleon with a beautiful, multi layered, adaptable hard skin. Much to the woman’s dismay, the insensitivity of the male is justified by the fact that they were raised that way, with little to no empathy and a lack of understanding for their counterpart’s feelings. Above all, the male ignorantly takes reign as the superior being who often decides the female’s destiny.

Some of the elements up for interrogation in the exhibition include: behind every strong man there is a powerful women; every broken man must not have felt love from his mother; and women who are sexually assaulted must have been asking for it.

Patriarchy is a systemic issue that needs to be confronted individually. Cherrie Bomb asks even the caring, compassionate man to confront his part in this global inequality and to participate in a conversation that will place male & female on level ground while carving a more considered future for the next generations.

Please join the Umuzi community as we explore the female experience and expression of patriarchy on the 5th of July at First Thursdays in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

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Curator: Nthabiseng Lethoko

Nthabi studied Visual Communication, graduated from AAA in 2006 and has enjoyed growing and learning in the Advertising industry since. She has a vast experience in communication, Art Direction, Design and creative direction, having worked with clients spanning from the likes of Absa, Liberty Life, South African Tourism, Coca-Cola and most recently Pernod Ricard (just to mention a few). She’s passionate about creativity but more so, using this gift to attempt solving some social and global problems such as female inequality - hence this exhibition. Overall she's an optimistic individual who tries to positively impact society.