Naspers Labs & Umuzi
Digital Skills Bootcamp

We have some exciting news!

We are proud to announce that Naspers Labs has partnered with Umuzi to offer you a 3month Skills Bootcamp that will give you the skills you need to apply to Umuzi’s 12-month learnership.

Who are we?

Umuzi is an NGO, that is built around helping young under/un-employed youth find high value jobs. Umuzi is a learnership academy that trains young people in real work environments to prepare them for jobs in the working world. We focus primarily on tech-skills, such as Web Development and Data Science, however we also teach creative skills such as Design and Multimedia.

We have partnered with Naspers Labs, to offer you a short upskilling course that will get you ready to be an Umuzi recruit specialising in Web Development or Data Science

Course Overview

  • Umuzi is offering you the opportunity to apply for a 3 month upskilling course.

  • The course will focus on Maths, English, Professionalism and Critical Thinking.

  • It will be hosted at your very own Naspers Labs Philippi Lab.

  • It will be an intensive, 4-days per week, 9-5pm, 3 month programme.

  • You will work online, doing different learning courses.

  • We will have amazing tutors available to you to learn from and answer all your questions.

  • This course is entirely free for you!


  • The course will start with a short bootcamp, on 23rd September.

  • This bootcamp will be highly competitive, and not everyone who attends will make it in the 3 month Digital Skills Bootcamp.

  • If you make it through successfully, you will begin learning on the 30th September.

  • The course ends on the 13th December.

What happens after the Bridging course?

  • If you shine and show us how amazing you are, you could be offered a fully-funded 12-month learnership with Umuzi. How cool!

  • You will also receive a monthly stipend while at Umuzi to help cover your monthly living costs.

  • The learnership will begin in January 2019.

Ready to Apply?

  • To apply, you need to complete 2 things.

  • First, you must complete an Aptitude test. This will allow us to measure your current maths and english skills. This should take you around 2 hours.

  • Second, you need to complete a Personality Test. This helps us get a better idea of who you are as a person. This should take you around 30 minutes.

  • And that’s it! Once you have applied, sit back and wait to hear from us. We will be in touch during the week of the 16th of September. If you are successful, you will join us for the short bootcamp, and hopefully make it to the 3 month Digital Skills Bootcamp. If not, you might have another shot in the future.

Ready. Set. Apply!

Click the buttons below to go to the tests. Make sure you use the same email address when applying so we can track your application properly.