Storytelling is the essential human activity. The harder the situation, the more essential it is.
— Tim O'Brien


Storytellers specialising in either videography or motion graphics.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, is a story. Whether you’re sitting around a fire or watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster, storytelling is our most powerful means of communication. The skill of storytelling is increasingly in demand as organisations realise its power to connect and communicate.

Today’s storytellers play with a variety of mediums from video, motion graphics, animation, and even interactive games, to develop rich, focused narratives.

Your career can go anywhere from Researcher, Production Assistant, to Video Editor, Cinematographer, Motion Graphic Designer all the way to Director or Producer. Or an all-round, kick-ass Freelancer Generalist.

Regardless of the specific career path you choose, the core multimedia storytelling skills we focus on provide a solid base for growth. We explore various forms of storytelling from creative to documentary using Design Thinking as our process.



Adobe Suite ( PS, AI, PR, AU, AE )

Camera Skill 

Video Editing 

Motion GFX


Basic Sound Design


Multmedia Human Centered Design Thinking


Brief Analysis

Presentation & Pitch

Communication Skills

Interview Conduct

Time Management


Multimedia Generalist

Motion Graphics Artist

Video Editor

Videographer / Cinematographer

Promo Director