HCD Workshop: Let's Make Kwa Mai Mai Market better
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HCD Workshop: Let's Make Kwa Mai Mai Market better

Let’s make Kwa Mai Mai Market better

Jeppestown was created as a suburb in Johannesburg around 1886. While much of its formation served as an industrial sector to the city, it has been a home to many for generations. Initially a horse and cart station, the Kwa Mai Mai market was established in Jeppestown after relocation from Wemmer Pan around 1948. Since then, it has been an important space in Johannesburg for many, most famous for accommodating traditional healers.

There are a multitude of trades to be found in Kwa Mai Mai. When one needs traditional attire, herbs and guidance, affordable carpentry, and scores of meat cooked over a fire, one only needs to visit Kwa Mai Mai market. It has also been a home where love and families have grown. It is a haven and celebration of South African traditions. Traders inherit the stalls and the skills required in continuing their craft, ensuring that generations of people have been able to maintain a self-sustainable way of life.

Applying Human-Centered Design to solve real South African problems.

UmuziSolve is not a commentator on Human-Centered Design. Our vision is to solve some of South Africa’s biggest challenges, specifically, social issues. We’re on a mission to use design to significantly improve the lives of South Africans.


In this workshop we would like to introduce Human-Centered Design as a useful tool in creative problem solving. We want to also explore how it is applied in context and take designers on a journey of how to create solutions by putting people first.

Be More Human: Download our HCD Toolkit

Greatly inspired by IDEO.org, we’ve developed our Human-Centred Design Course Manual.

Designing for people, are you in?

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