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A data scientist is someone who’s better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician.

Data Science Core Skill Sets

There are many different routes through Data Science; depending on your interest, you can specialise in one area or learn broadly from many of them. Here are the resources that we have curated so that you can begin learning about each data skill set.

- Anouk Muis, Umuzi Visiting Expert

Core Data Skill Sets:

Need to brush up your statistics knowledge before diving into data science?

Learn statistics on Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an excellent free platform with all the material you need. Here are the most important segments: if you follow this curriculum from start to finish you will be best prepared to enter the field as a junior data scientist. -Dr Michelle Hoogenhout, Head of Data Science at Umuzi


Introduction to Probability and Data - Duke University

Beginner, 25-35 hours, free

Statistics 101 - Udacity

Beginner, 10-20 hours, free

Linear Algebra - MIT

Undergrad~40 hours, free

Khan Academy

Beginner, free - Part of Umuzi Data Science curriculum



  • Intro to Python for Data Science

  • Intro to R for Data Science

  • Intermediate R

  • Intermediate Python

US$30 per month

Learn Python - Code Academy

Beginner, 10 hours, free

Data Quest - data focused python

~40 hours depending on track, free

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning - Udacity

Beginner, 65 hours, but independent topics possible,  free

Machine Learning Nanodegree - Udacity

Intermediate,6 months 10h/week, US$1,230

Machine Learning - Coursera by Stanford University

Beginner, self-paced, 180 day access, free/US$79 with certificate

Data Skills:

MongoDB basics

Beginner,5 hours, free

Learn Cassandra

Beginner, 8 hours, free

SQL: Analyzing Business Metrics - Code Academy

Beginner, 10 hours, free

Big Data:

Introduction to Big Data - UCSD

Beginner, 15 hours, US$49/Month

Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce - Udacity

Beginner, 4 hours, free

Big Data Analysis with Scala & Spark - EPFL

Beginner, 40 hours, free

Data Visualisation & Reporting:

Learning Tableau - Tableau

 (10 hours, beginner, free, video based)

Data Wrangler

(2 hours, beginner, free)

Redash Visualization

(2 hours. Beginner, free)