The world is one big data problem.
— Andrew McAfee


Data Science is the job of the future. Using computer science and applied statistics, data scientists find valuable patterns where other people just see noise. Harvard Business Review says Data Scientist is "The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century," and we agree. It’s a rare combination of interesting challenges and high-value opportunities. Data skills are a superpower, and with great power comes great job responsibilities.

We use best-in-class online learning to develop cutting-edge skills fast, and learn on the job by analysing useful datasets for real clients to come to real conclusions that affect organisational decisions. We also learn how to present our results in accessible, graphical formats so that we can communicate our insights with the data-phobes of the world.

Data science is hard science and hard work: a sharp mind, relentless effort, and absolute attention to detail are critical. But for the lucky few who get to do it, it’s the most rewarding work in every way.




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