The best words in the best order
— Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Content writers with tradition and digital skills.

Copy may be writing, but copywriting isn’t just about words. It’s about playing with ideas. Whether it’s the instructions for a sex toy or the inauguration speech for a president, copywriters create meaning, deliver a message, and call an audience to action.

Writing seems like a solitary pursuit. It isn’t here. At Umuzi, you’ll learn to work in a team, often with a designer, sometimes a strategist, and always with your target audience top of mind. You’ll use empathy to understand the audience you’re trying to reach, define their problems, come up with ideas, prototype, and test them, using our Human Centred Design Thinking process.

Where to next? Many of our alumni turn to advertising, working for top agencies and brands, en route to becoming Creative Directors. Others move into the world of content creation, writing for online publications or themselves. Imagine where this career could take you. Now write your story.



User experience

Digital writing

Traditional writing


Human Centered Design Thinking


Brief Analysis 

Presentation & Pitch

Communication Skills

Interview Conduct


Digital Copywriter

Advertising Copywriter

Creative Director