Naspers Labs & Umuzi Bridging Course

Course Coordinator


Umuzi has partnered with Naspers Labs to develop a 3-month bridging course that will allow young people from the Cape Flats to access high-value tech careers. We are looking to hire a Course Coordinator to manage the programme.

  • The course will take place at Naspers Labs just outside Cape Town. 

  • The course will run 4 days a week, from 9-5pm each day, for just over 3 months. Your fifth day will be used for administration and preparation.

  • The course focuses on upskilling in: Maths, English, Computer Literacy, Professionalism and Critical Thinking. 

  • The course will run during the latter half of 2019.

  • The course will start with 50 applicants, whom we shall evaluate to select the top 25 to join the programme.

  • Applicants are aged 18-22.

  • You, as course coordinator will be based in Cape Town for the entire duration. So if you’re from Cape Town, that’s ideal, if not, Umuzi will provide transport down for the start and back home at the end. 

  • You will have a Project Manager who is based in Johannesburg. They will be present in Cape Town to support you during the start of the project, for a check-in mid-way through, and to finalise decisions at the end of the course. They will also be available to you for online support during the course. 

  • You contract will be for 3.5 months.

Job Role:

You will be the day-to-day point of contact for the learners. There will be tutors who come in several times a week to upskill the learners and answer questions. Your main role will be to support learners each day, to help answer questions they have, and to prepare tutors for their next sessions. Most of the course content that learners engage in when tutors aren’t there is self-driven online work on platforms such as Khan Academy. 

  • You will assist learners with questions they have around the course content. 

    • If you’re able to answer, then answer. 

    • If not, then take down detailed questions and send to the tutors before they arrive for their next session, so they can prepare. 

  • Ensure learners are present each day; sign in on register. 

  • Invigilate benchmarking tests

    • Tests will be done at the start, mid-way through, and at the end of the course. 

  • Progress check-ins with each learner once per week. 25 learners (~6/day) 

    • You need to develop a weekly progress rubric.

    • Criteria could be: engagement, dedication, upskilling, team work, professionalism. 

    • Pull online learning data and relay that info back to learners to push and encourage them. 

  • Weekly progress reporting to PM in Joburg.

    • Monday and Friday 1 hour meetings to discuss concerns and progress. 

  • You will have access to the PM each week, on an ad-hoc basis for any questions. 

  • Once-Off: Bootcamp. Before the course starts, the PM will be present in Cape Town for 1 week to assist with bootcamping 50 learners to determine the 25 best to join the course. You need to be present for those 5 days to assist and help find the best learners. 

    • Work with PM before bootcamp to determine best testing criteria and measurement tools. 

Skills Requirements

  • Matric Maths and English, with at least 60%

  • Bachelors or Higher diploma 

  • Preferably some work experience in managing people  

  • Comfort with basic computer troubleshooting to help maintain working computers

  • MS Excel, Word and Powerpoint basic skills

  • Professional and good work ethic 

  • Punctuality is vital. You will arrive before and leave after learners each day 

  • Ability to take detailed reporting notes

  • Ability to manage a group of 25 people

  • Ability to drive engagement and productivity amongst a team

Salary Expectations

  • R 14 000 per month, pre-tax. Non-negotiable 

  • Umuzi will cover the costs of travel to and from Cape Town if you’re not based there 

  • You will cover your travel costs to and from Naspers Labs each day, and your accommodation in Cape Town. 

To Apply for this Position:

Send your CV and an introduction via email to: