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At Umuzi, we have this crazy WhatsApp group where we share the coolest most interesting, weirdest stuff about the future, world of work, the future of work, why work is cool, why work sucks and everything in between. We decided it's high time we share these pieces of gold and hopefully create a little bit of a community and knowledge sharing outside of our staff WhatsApp group.  You’re getting this mail because we have been in email contact in the last four years. I understand you might be busy and this might not be for you and if that’s the case, just hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom. Maybe though, before you do that, give it a little try. We’re confident that if we’re interested in it, you will be too. We promise to keep it short, exciting and only send it to you once a month. So what is it you ask?, Simply put, we’ll be sharing a collection of ideas that inspire us. This is our first edition so please do share your feedback with us.

This month’s collection

In addition to decoding acronyms, what skills do you need to survive the 4IR? Umuzi is banking on human qualities like empathy, grit, an ability to teach oneself, and a growth mindset. Finding talent with these qualities is harder than merely looking at school marks and a CV. According to experts like Daniel Khaneman, even interviews are a waste of time.

In this, our first collection of ideas that inspire us, we reveal how Dr Michelle Hoogenhout is leading Umuzi's team of data science recruits to remove human error from our recruitment process, and objectively identify exceptional young people with these qualities, from the thousands of applications we receive each year.


What We're Learning about Selecting Talent for the Future  

How do you hire the best talent? In an age when experienced tech talent is almost as rare as the mythical unicorns they wish to work for, devs and data scientists find themselves inundated with offers from competing employers. Unless you’re Apple or Google, most companies have to take what they can get.



Making Sense: The Map of Misunderstanding

In this episode of the Making Sense podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Daniel Kahneman at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. A thorough introduction to the Nobel Prize winner's work, they discuss the replication crisis in science, the failure of human intuition - even in experts - and a number of topics around why we humans are such poor decision makers.



Worakls is a name well know by festival-goers in Europe and the States. Hard to put in a box, it could be called ‘Uplifting Trance’. Trance. Ugh.  But before you turn up your nose, Worakls has released an album called Orchestra, A trance artist and a live orchestra might represent two good reasons to take off your earphones but put it back on, listen with an open mind and get to some deep work. We’re betting by the time you get to track 5, Clotches; you’ll be a convert.

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