Welcome to the Data career track application.

To apply for Data, please complete and submit the following:

  1. CV

  2. Evidence of completing CodeAcademy online learning

  3. Portfolio of any relevant data work you’ve done (this is optional, if you have one, please submit it)

You will be working on a platform called: CodeAcademy

  • Overview: CodeCamp is a free training resource that allows you to learn and practice coding.

  • Sign up: You will need to sign up for free when you first land on the site.

  1. Sign up for a free account on CodeAcademy (Note: When you sign up and login for your first time, it will offer you a free trial for their Upgraded plan. You can just accept and ignore the message)

  2. Once you’ve signed up, don’t start any courses, click the “skip to dashboard” link (top right corner of the page), and then follow the next steps below to do the correct two courses that Umuzi requires.

  • Start your coursework:

    • Python (±25 hours)

      • Course Name: “Learn Python 2”

    • SQL (±7 hours)

      • Course Name: “Learn SQL”

  • Submit your CV and evidence of completion of your two courses:

    • Using the form below, upload your CV as a PDF

    • Using the form below, upload 2 screenshots as evidence of completion.

    • Your screenshots should be full screen, and must include the bottom of the screen where it shows how many lessons you’ve completed. See the example below.

    • For Python, you should have 14/14 lessons complete

    • For SQL, you should have 11/11 lessons complete

Umuzi_Online Learning_Data.png

Submission Link:

CodeAcademy - Sign up and Course Links: