Web Development

Welcome to the Web Development career track application.

To apply for Web Development, please complete and submit the following:

  1. CV

  1. Portfolio (Optional: If you have one, please submit it)

  2. Evidence of completing FreeCodeCamp online learning

You will be working on a platform called: FreeCodeCamp (FCC)

  • Sign Up

    • You will need to head over to FreeCodeCamp and sign up for a free account.

    • Click here to access FreeCodeCamp.

    • Simply click the big yellow “Start Coding” button when you land on the home page and then Sign up using your email.

    • You will then be emailed a unique code which you must copy and enter in the field on FCC to activate your account.

  • Start your coursework:

    • Once logged in, you’ll need to click on “Curriculum” in the navigation to access the coursework.

    • The first item you see says “Responsive Web Design Certification”. Don’t worry! You aren’t going to do the full 300 hours! (Unless you want really to…).

    • What you will need to do is:

      NOTE: Click the course names below to access them directly. Or, you can find them in the curriculum list.

  • Submit your CV and evidence of completion of your two courses and tribute page.

    • As you go through each lesson on FCC and complete it, it will be ticked off as complete on the curriculum list. In order to showcase your work, you will need to take screenshots of the completed curriculum list and upload when you submit your evidence.

    • You will also be building a tribute page, as indicated above. This will be done on a site called ‘codepen’; but don’t worry, all will be explained to you on FCC on the tribute page overview. :)

    • Your evidence for the tribute page will be a link to your tribute page which you must submit.

    • To submit all your FreeCodeCamp evidence, and your CV. Please click “Submit” below.

Submit your evidence:

FreeCodeCamp - Sign Up

FreeCodeCamp - Direct Course Links: