UX Strategy 

Welcome to the User Experience(UX) Strategy career track application.

To apply for UX Strategy, please complete and submit the following:

  1. CV

  2. Portfolio (Optional: If you have one, please submit it)

  3. Evidence of completing “Google: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” online learning

Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate

  • Overview: Google offers a host of free digital online learning courses. Feel free to explore more courses once you’ve finished the required course.

  • Sign Up:

    • Sign up for free

    • You may have already signed up when doing the Google Short Course. If so, then simply login.

  • Start your coursework:

    • You will be doing the course named Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Click this link for direct access, or search for it in “Online Courses” once you’re logged in)

    • It will take you roughly 40 hours.

    • Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion as evidence. This can either saved/downloaded.
      (This is something awesome to add to your CV!)

  • Submit your CV and evidence of completion of your course

    • Click on “Submit Evidence Here” below, which will direct you to a form. Ensure to upload everything listed below:

      • CV as a PDF

      • a Portfolio (if you have one).

      • Your certificate as evidence of completion.