UI Design 

Welcome to the User Interface(UI) Design career track application.

To apply for UI Design, you will need to complete and submit the following:

  1. CV

  2. Portfolio of Work

  3. Complete the career track skills test

Note: Important Information About Your Portfolio

  • A portfolio of work is a collection of previous work that you have done in this field - this can be client work or unpaid work.

  • Please watch this video to learn how to build a comprehensive portfolio.

  • Ensure that your portfolio is uploaded to a platform we can access: A zip file, Google Drive, Medium and Dropbox are some of these platforms.

  • Not having a portfolio will negatively impact your application - consider spending some time working on a portfolio first before applying, if you don’t have one.

How To Apply:

1. Download and Start on your Test

  • Download the test

  • Clicking “Download” above/below will download a word document. This is the brief. Read it carefully and follow the instructions.

  • The document you will download is simply your brief. You will be submitting your answers on the submission form by following the submission link below.

2. Submit your CV, Portfolio and Test

  • On the document you downloaded above, there is a submission link to submit your CV, Portfolio and Test. Either use that link or the one below - both are to the same submission form.

  • TIP: If you want to provide a link to your online portfolio (instead of uploading a file), you must first paste it in a blank document and then upload that document.