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To apply for our 12-month paid learnership, please complete all the steps relevant to your department.

Follow these steps to complete your application:

NOTE: Ensure you have checked out our Career Tracks and have a chosen department in mind before you begin.

  • Step 1: Complete a quick online test to show us your literacy, numeracy, and problem solving skills.

  • Step 2 : Complete the department test for your chosen Career Track, and submit your evidence.

    (Tip: You can click on each step to take you straight to that section)

Then you’re done!
Umuzi will screen your application before the next intake round, which currently is scheduled to start in September 2019. So once you’re finished applying, hang tight and wait to hear back from us.

Having completed your application does not necessarily guarantee you an interview, or an invitation to bootcamp. If you are successful during interviews and bootcamp and we offer you a learnership, it may be for the current intake, or for a later start date. We’d love to take all the amazing candidates we receive, but are limited by the number of learnerships we have available for each round. But fear not! If you are good enough to get in, you’re in - it may just be for a later start date. :)

Important information:

  • Not sure which of the 6 Career Tracks you want to apply for? Check out our Career Tracks overview page.

  • Please ensure you use the SAME email and ID number across all the various steps and forms.

  • Read the instructions carefully. You’re smart! We know you can do it. Contact us at apply@umuzi.org if you run into any issues.

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