Welcome to Umuzi’s Online Application Process 

To apply for our 12-month paid learnership, please complete the all four steps below.

We’ve redesigned our recruitment process to offer you value with a big focus on online learning.

Follow these steps to complete your application:

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  • Step 1: Complete a quick online test to show us your literacy, numeracy, and problem solving skills.

  • Step 2: Complete a Google Short Course.

  • Step 3: Submit Evidence of your Google Short Course results.

  • Step 4: Complete online learning and the application for your chosen Career Track, and submit your evidence.

Then you’re done! If you finished applying before the 11th of January 2019, you’ll hear from us about your application before the end of January. However, if you have missed the January deadline, you will be considered for our next intake, which has a provisional start date of June 2019.

Important information:

  • Submissions for our January intake are now closed. But fear not! You can start applying now for our June 2019 intake.

  • Not sure which of the 6 Career Tracks you want to apply for? Check out our Career Tracks overview page.

  • Please ensure you use the SAME email across all the various platforms and applications.

  • Unfortunately Umuzi will be unable to assist you with queries over the December holidays. Read the instructions carefully. You’re smart! We know you can do it.

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Why Online Learning?

  1. Today, you can learn anything online! We want to encourage you to get into a habit of teaching yourself new skills. If you want to reach the top of your game, you’ve got to keep pushing.

  2. Umuzi wants to provide more value to you. Umuzi recognises that applicants spend a lot of time and effort in applying for our learnerships, but if they don't get in, they have 'wasted' time. So instead, Umuzi is organising and curating a set of online learning material for you to do as part of your application. Now YOU can get value out of applying!