Education isn't keeping up with change and youth bear the brunt of it. Too many young people don't realise their potential. They are either unemployed (shockingly around 50% in our home country, South Africa) or underemployed (stuck behind cash registers or in call centres). Current education is too slow, expensive, uninspiring, siloed, and increasingly irrelevant for future careers.

The current narrative of poor education un(der)employment, inequality, and social unrest must change. Young people need access to education and careers which support them to create value. We've been working with youth since 2009 to learn about this problem and find better solutions.


We believe most young people learn best on the job. Our learnership is based in a real working environment, 9-5pm, five days a week. Full-time, seasoned industry professionals, act as managers and mentors. We’ve learned that the closer our working environment matches that of the future employers, the more likely our recruits are to succeed. We’re continuously evolving to be more human-centred and Agile.

We are:

  • High-impact: 80% of our recruits secure high-value careers.
  • Quick: 12 months to completion, including work experience and a formal qualification.
  • Free: Study fees paid by employers.
  • Paid: Employers also pay each recruit a monthly stipend.
  • Practical: On-the-job training from real managers, not lectures.
  • Holistic: Housing programme, peer mentoring, active alumni events and network, content publishing platforms.
  • Demand-driven: Continuously evolving to recruits and employers needs.
  • Accredited: Offering a national certificate to our graduates.


We view our organisation as a community, working together to live our theory of change. We measure ourselves by the success of our community. We offer on-the-job training to our recruits, during which they are exposed to real-world experience of working in various departments, with seasoned industry professionals acting as managers and mentors to the recruits. We are continuously evolving in order to produce qualified and employable recruits.